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Ripple Training has released a new training course called Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X. Hosted by Abba Shapiro, it  majors on the art of editing. There's also 25% off until March the 3rd.

It's nice to see a new set of tutorials that concentrate on the actual art of editing rather than just the operation of an NLE. It's the first tutorial like this that Ripple has published.

In this new set of tutorials from Ripple Training, long-time FCP trainer Abba Shapiro takes the viewer through over three hours of video split into 11 lessons.

Maybe the best news of all is the course, Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X, which is normally priced at $39.99 for the iTunes version, is discounted by 25% until March 3rd. Just use the code 'create'

"Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X is a tutorial that delves into the art of editing. While many tutorials are concerned with the “how” of editing, this tutorial is concerned with the “why”.  More than just technical explanations of editorial techniques, this tutorial focuses on the creative thinking behind each edit decision and why certain decisions have a positive or negative affect on the story.

To get inside the editor’s head, we’ve invited writer/director Abba Shapiro to sit in the virtual editor’s chair and cut a short film right in front of us.  As he does, you’ll gain valuable insights as he explains his creative decisions while working them out in Final Cut Pro X.  

Here are just a few of the questions addressed in this tutorial:

I’m staring at an empty timeline; where should I begin?  How do I decide what shots or takes to use? When should I use cutaways? Is it ok to repeat action?  How do I determine what to trim out? What is pacing? How do I build drama? How do I make a dialogue scene sound natural?  How do I use sound to foreshadow events or convey character?  How can I tell if my edit is working?  What is the one quality I need to possess in order to get hired as an editor? "

Here are few extracts from the course:


Introduction to Creative Editing


Foreshadowing with Sound


Foreshadowing with Sound


Grouping Takes into an Audition Clip


The Rookie Mistake


The Rookie Mistake


Cutting to Music


Comparing Shots


Comparing Shots



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