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MBS audition tricks

More from the Ripple guys today (Where do they find the time?) It's Tuesday, so it's MacBreak Studio time and in this new episode, Steve and Mark take a look at using Auditions.

Auditions are one of those features in Final Cut Pro X that you think is pretty clever, but you can't see yourself using it in action. Well, that is what we thought until we realised that we could stack many clips into an Audition to be able to update an edit quickly with statistics. We got up to 34 clips in an Audition - anybody gone any higher?

Back to the new episode of MacBreak Studio and Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer some interesting tricks with Auditions. We must admit to dragging and dropping and not duplicating from the menu, which now we know seems a lot easier and quicker. Some great tips in there and again, FCPX proving to have a lot more power under the hood.  

If you would like to know more from Steve, he has published a set of 42 new video lessons totalling six hours called The Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. Priced at $49.00 it's probably the quickest and best way to get up to speed if you've an FCPX newbie or want to discover more cool features!




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