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magic feather 8 9 fcpx tutorial

We are back from the Easter Break and back to the Final Cut Pro X news. Just before we packed up for the break, John Davidson from Magic Feather told us he has published a new FCPX On-Air tutorial and the finished edit.

If you haven’t seen John’s On-Air series, they are well worth a watch. An early adopter of FCPX, he runs through how his company produces trails with the software. Although all the tutorials are pre 10.1, the majority of the knowledge and advice is still relevant and there’s lots to learn.

Superb walk through tutorials on making trails with Final Cut Pro X on shared storage

Final Cut Pro X and Motion5 tutorial roundup

The new tutorials, number 8 & 9 are using 10.1 and are focused around a slightly different subject.

John explains: These two tutorials focus on how we make something ‘good enough’ despite using ‘low end’ equipment.  The bulk of this project was edited on a Macbook Air 13” and features a lot of little tools that can give a small production a little extra pop.

#8 FCPX On Air - Anatomy of a Pig


#9 FCPX On Air Kalua Pig (The final edit!)


#9 FCPX On Air Kalua Pig (The final edit!)


Great stuff from John and we look forward to more tutorials in the series.





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