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We thought that these excellent FCPX video tutorials and PDF reference chart from FCP.co member T Payton were too good to keep in our Forum. Everything you always wanted to know about sub clips (But were too afraid to ask)

We are very proud to have some very clever and dedicated members who contribute to our Forum. So, inspired by the recent episode of MacBreak Studio, we thought we would post T Payton's subclip tutorials and reference PDF on the front page for everybody to benefit.

First of all, let us give you the links to the original posts.

Subclipping in FCPX

Labeling Keyword Clips

Secondly, let us post his YouTube tutorials, he mentions that they should be watched in order. All six add up to about an hour, so grab yourself a coffee!

1) Subclip Love Intro


 2) Subclip Love - Favorites & Rejects


 2) Subclip Love - Favorites & Rejects


3) Subclip Love - Keywords


4) Subclip Love - Compound Clips


4) Subclip Love - Compound Clips


5) Subclip Love - Multicam and Compound


6) Subclip Love - Audition


A big thank you to T Payton for spending the time building these tutorials. Why not give him a thank you on our forum and also follow him on Twitter.

Here is his handy PDF reference guide for sub clips in FCPX.



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