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MBS 28 4 2015

This week we have two tutorials on the great new 3D text that is available in Final Cut Pro X and Motion. The Ripple boys explain all.

As the headline feature update to FCP 10.2 and Motion 5.2, the 3D text does look fantastic. It's also very flexible and we think it is the beginning of some very exciting 3D developments in the future. Primitives yes please!

Who better to show off some of the 3D text possibilities than Steve Martin and Mark Spencer in this latest edition of MacBreak Studio.

Don't forget that there is the next live Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group that is taking place on Friday May 1st 2015. The start time (it says) is 10pm, but that might be BST due to our location. We suggest you visit the web page to check for yourself.

Want to know more about the new features in FCPX 10.2 now? Make sure you visit the Ripple Training website for more tutorials, there's still a discount on Final Cut Pro X 10.2 In Depth.



Mark Spencer returns for another five minutes with more on 3D text in Motion



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