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MBS 12 5 2015

Two new tutorials from Ripple this week. Both are in Motion and both feature the new 3D text tool, extra symbols and placing 3D text into a scene.

Let us start off with MacBreak Studio. In this new episode, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to use the special characters you can find on your Mac to make 3D symbols in Motion. You are not just stuck with letters and numbers and Mark also demonstrates how to download more useful logos and symbols. 

A really creative addition to Motion and hopefully the guys will cover creating a custom symbol as a font character from a flat logo in the future.

If you would like to learn more, take a look at the Motion tutorial that Mark describes in the video. It is on special offer at $39 for a limited time, reduced down from $49.



Mark returns for this short five minute tutorial on how to position 3D text into a scene in Motion.