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MBS primary storyline

A very handy application for batch exporting projects out of Final Cut Pro X in this week's MacBreak Studio. We also feature a tutorial on building timelapses in the first episode of a new FCPX podcast.

Batch exporting has been on the Final Cut Pro X feature wish list for a long time. It is so easy to make multiple projects, versions or individual interviews that when a client wants to see them all, the exporting can end up being the longest process of the job!

Brandon Fisher ran into this problem when exporting interviews and spurred on by a MacBreak Studio episode, he decided to write an application that automates the sequential exporting of projects.

Called FCPXporter, the app is on special offer, half price at $19.99.

For a demo of how the app works, Brandon joined Steve Martin for this week's episode of MacBreak Studio.



A special week this week as another tutorial series has started that you might like to subscribe to. Andrew Gormley has posted reviews and tutorials on FCP.co before, but this new tutorial will hopefully build into a great online series. In the first episode of The Primary Storyline, Andrew builds a timelapse directly in FCPX from stills.

We have managed to embed the video below, hopefully we can convince Andrew to post to YouTube to reach a wider audience. In the meantime, please subscribe to the series in iTunes.



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