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A quick tip to start the week off with. Did you know that you can add a list of keywords right into the Keyword Editor without having to click each field first?

One thing we have learnt over the many years of using different types of software is that there's always things you don't know. Even if you've been using the same piece of software for years, there's always new things you can learn from other editors.

This tip from Ravin Apte (An Apple Certified Trainer in FCPX and Motion) is one of those we probably do know, but it is always good to get a refresh, it even made us power up FCPX and test it out. You will see our comments in italic.

We will let Ravin explain:


I am a big fan of Keyword Collections in FCPX and always enter the first nine keywords using the following method. This method works only when an Event is empty or Browser is set to List View and all clips are deselected (important).  (Just to add here we can do this in the Icon View as long as no clip has been selected - which takes a bit of clicking to deactivate.)

FCPX ravin 01


When you open the Keyword Editor for the first time, all shortcut fields are empty

FCPX ravin 02













Make sure that the Keyword Editor doesn't show any clip name at the top of the editor.

In this example I am using following nine keywords :


To enter these keywords in respective shortcut fields, use ,(comma) as a delimiter. So start typing keywords in empty field at the top of editor and use commas as separators

First,Second,Third,Forth,Fifth,Sixth,Seventh,Eighth,Ninth As soon as you type ,(comma) it is updated in the shortcut field next to shortcut button. (This also possibly works with return)

FCPX ravin 03











This method will not work  using copy and paste keywords from a single line e.g. 


If you copy above line and paste it then these nine separate keywords will be assigned to first shortcut button

 FCPX ravin 04










A great tip from Ravin and it got us exploring more about Keywords. We came across this Knowledge Base article from Apple (It mentions hitting return) which is worth a read just to refresh the exact keywording process.



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