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skillshare fcpx 25 minutes

Well it is a big claim to make, but maybe with Final Cut Pro X, half an hour is really all you need to get enough instruction to edit & publish to YouTube. This new free 25 minute tutorial doesn't hang around...

We have commented before on what seems to us as many more FCPX tutorials appearing on videos sharing sites. Is that a good dipstick of the growing popularity?

This tutorial is slightly different and is hosted on the Skillshare website. 

In just 25 minutes, Benjamin Halsall takes the viewer through importing, editing and publishing to YouTube, all using FCPX. He dives straight in as well, no menu, just gets on with the teaching and doesn't hang around.

You will learn how to:

  • Import clips
  • Make selections
  • Add clips to the timeline
  • Refine your edit
  • Export ready for upload to YouTube

We have bookmarked this video as one to show anybody who wants to get to grips with the basics of FCPX fast.

If you like the tutorial, Ben has more tutorials available on FCPX. (And how to carve a pumpkin!) The premium membership of Skillshare is $8 per month, but we have noticed an offer of 3 months at $0.99 pcm on the site.




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