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We have had Final Cut Pro X in under five minutes, now we have XinTwo which aims to break down learning FCPX into shorter bite-sized chunks. 

Good to see more new professionally produced FCPX tutorials, but this time they are broken down into smaller chunks and available for a monthly subscription. 

XinTwo is a set of tutorials produced by long-time FCPX convert Bill Davis and distributed by FCPWORKS. We have to give credit to both as this is a challenging time with the smorgasbord of free tutorials available out there. We think that over supply was what eventually sank Larry Jordan's ageing fleet of learning resources. However, subscribing to a plan that supplies information in regularly updated small chunks does seem to be a much better idea. 


XinTwo is available now for subscription at $4.99 a month. There is a seven day free trial available as well. You can watch an XinTwo sample lesson here.

“There are a lot of really great training products out there already,” says FCPWORKS’ Noah Kadner. “We use a lot of them ourselves and recommend them to our integration customers all the time. But we did hear a sizable group of customers looking for something more that would enable them to get into the intricacies and special capabilities of Final Cut Pro X in the most efficient possible manner.”

“We discovered there also wasn’t a knowledge base type resource with screencast examples delivered in bite-sized chunks. So we decided to create one. The goal of XinTwo, as its name implies, is to help you get into Final Cut Pro X via lessons of two minutes or less. And there’s not a more knowledgeable or more experienced editor and Final Cut Pro X evangelist out there than Bill Davis.

“We want to be here for the editor who's ‘in the flow’ of getting their work done - but hits a point of frustration,” says Davis. “That's where we want XinTwo to shine- searching for a specific problem in the knowledge base presents not just a text description like a classic knowledge base, but short, focused, curated video clips that show the editor exactly how to do what they need to do. Some explain FCP X style editing concepts; others are designed simply as step-by-step micro tutorials that show the viewer exactly how to accomplish a specific task in the software.”

"XinTwo is not just about an arbitrary ‘two minute limit’ on content,” Davis adds. “It’s a promise: if we can effectively help in two sentences, two paragraphs or within two minutes, that's great. Our brand promise is working carefully NOT to waste anyone’s time with excessive sidebars or fluff. It's more important for XinTwo to be concise, scrupulously accurate, and focus on rapidly returning you to your editing armed with the specific knowledge you need to get your job done."


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