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An old but excellent tutorial. Media managing is hardly the most glamorous side of editing but it has to be done. Even though disk space is becoming cheaper by the day, you can't keep every take of every shot. This tutorial from Peter Salvia brought to you by his second glass of Amstel Light during some downtime during his laundry, will show you how to condense those finished FCP projects down. We had this video up for publishing before the free webinar was announced, a good primer for that one and a half hours maybe!

We felt like including this tutorial even though it is from 2009 because Peter tell us the situation it is made in. Maybe all tutorials should have this "Wife gone to bed so I'm going to show you how to keyframe" or "Nothing on TV let's experiment with how to do a film look" Could catch on, you never know.

Seriously, thank you to Peter for this excellent and amusing tutorial. We use Media Manager all the time for archiving projects, it has its faults but has saved us hours of redigitising. Time for the tumble drier I think…

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