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FCPX handles text in a completely different way to Final Cut Pro 7, the old tried and trusted text generator died with the new release. Ripple Training has produced a new tutorial showing you how to get the titles you want in FCPX.

We still laugh when we see the standard font from the old text tool on a broadcast program, but it does show that some editors are pretty bad (or lazy) at making good looking graphics. Now that the old text tool is no more, you have to rely on the built in text templates within FCPX or build your own, a good cue for Ripple Training's new tutorial 'Mastering Titles in Final Cut Pro X.'

The new tutorial priced at $29.99 consists of five lessons with a total runtime of 85 minutes. It also includes media files and free text plugins for following along in your own copy of Final Cut Pro X.

Steve Martin has aslo supplied us with a coupon code of fcpdotco which will get you 20% off until the end of the month. Hurry up if you think you are going to purchase the tutorial as there are only a few days left in June.

As usual, we thought that we would embed a few extracts from the tutorial so that you can see examples of what you'll be doing during the course. It has also highlighted that we need to re-format our video player after the site upgrade!

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Applying the Customised Title in FCPX

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