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Not the most whizz-bang of lessons, but essential information for all FCPX editors. Ripple Training has released a new set of tutorials on managing your media. We also have a 30% off coupon code!

There are lots of tutorials out there on FCPX, but they are mainly for the editing process itself or a custom technique. Media management is unsexy and companies will spend vast money on buying everything else in the video production process yet baulk at stumping up dollars to make sure their media doesn't go AWOL.

Thankfully Ripple Training has just released an inexpensive new tutorial for editors consisting of an 8 part lesson that runs 88 minutes on Media Management & Collaboration in Final Cut Pro X. Steve Martin sums it up niceley.

"With Final Cut Pro X's database driven approach to tracking Event and Project media, it is essential to understand where your media files are located; how transcoding affects your workflow; the potential pitfalls of handing off your project to another editor; what to do when your media goes offline and how to collaborate on a Storage Area Network (SAN). These are just a few of the topics we address in this nuts-and-bolts tutorial designed to keep your editing sessions running smoothly."

The tutorial is priced at $39.99 but FCP.co readers can get a 30% discount until the 15th of September by using the coupon code 'ripplemedia' It is an intermediate tutorial so you'll need to be comfortable with the interface & basics of FCPX already.

As always, Ripple Media have provided some extracts from the course so you can see exactly the level of information you'll get when buying the course. 

Modifying Event References


Preparing to Archive


Working on a Storage Area Network


Merging Events