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Using adjustment layers in Final Cut Pro X allows editors to apply a grade across clips. In this tutorial we will look at how to build one in Motion and apply it in FCPX.

Remember back in the old days of FCP7 when you had to copy and paste colour corrections & broadcast safe filters from clip to clip? Sometimes you would apply two instances of the filters to clips accidentally or miss a tiny sliver of a clip inbetween layers. How we wished we could apply an overall grade to a project and have one set of controls to give a tweak for the exact look.

Well that's exactly what you can do with adjustment layers in Final Cut Pro X. By building a title effect in Motion you can have a layer that sits over the top of all your clips and all of them will have an effect or grade applied.

Our normal duo of Mark Spencer and Steve Martin are on hand to show us exactly how to make and use an adjustment layer in this new episode of MacBreak Studio.

Here is the link to the Adjustment Layer for download.

Don't forget to check out their Apple Pro Training Series books on FCPX and Motion.

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