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macbreak studio fcpx 187

The easiest way to bill this episode of MacBreak Studio would be to say that it's pretty essential viewing if you import media from cards or cameras into FCPX. (Who doesn't?) Many tips from Mark & Steve in this one.

The latest update to FCPX brought a lot of new features that obviously got the big headlines. There were also many improvements on the less obvious workings of Final Cut Pro X, one of them being importing media.

In this latest episode of MacBreak Studio, the usual duo of Mark Spencer and Steve Martin take a look at what has changed when it comes to importing from cameras and media cards. Don't panic, even though it looks like they recorded the episode in the V/O booth, there is a lot of great new information to digest in this episode.

It also made us think that Apple have really thought the media importing process out and if they keep on with this type of clever development, then FCPX is going to grow and grow in popularity. Not to mention making some other NLEs look pretty antiquated in the process. We might well look back at 10.0.6 as a watershed in FCPX's perception.

Many thanks again to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer for the episode, don't forget to check out their excellent training books for FCPX and Motion.


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