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Boy did we touch a nerve when we suggested that Apple wasn't interested in keeping Quartz Composer alive. What we didn't realise at the time was Kosada had already spent two years working on a replacement! So why is this news to FCPX editors?

We reported last week about the sad lack of attention that Apple has given Quartz Composer over the last few years. We also didn't realise that Christopher Wright who was employed by Apple to work on QC had been moved away to work on Core Graphics.

Luckily, software company Kosada saw the QC decline coming a while ago and had already started to develop a replacement visual programming language, it's called Vuo. Which all our Finnish readers will instantly know in their language means 'flow' as in 'data flowing through cables.'

It's not released yet, but their website has published a roadmap which lists some very interesting future developments. One of them is a node set for 3D vector graphics which when wrapped up into a plugin could allow for the manipulation of 3D models in FCPX and Motion5. Another interesting planned feature is the ability to deploy compositions to iOS. Support is also planned for Windows, Linux and Android.

We also like the fact they plan to back Vuo up with good documentation, videos and a forum. Things QC sadly never had and third parties did sterling work filling the void.

The release of Vuo is a long way off, (beta in early 2013) which means another party wrapping the Vuo compositions into a plugin is even further away. It does however give hope to plugin writers and users who find the now ubiquitous Motion derived plugins just too slow to do heavy lifting FX work. If a company writes the wrapper, Vuo could allow the writing of cross platform plugins without having to delve into code. 

We will be keeping a keen eye on Vuo and its development, you can keep up to date as well by subscribing to their newsletter on the homepage.


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