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street of milano iphone 5s

It's normally not very long after a new DSLR or large sensor camera gets released that somebody makes a short film that gets posted everywhere. This is going to be the same, but the camera is the new iPhone 5s.

We still remember watching Vincent Laforet's Canon 5D MkII film Reverie and thinking how that camera was going to change the business. Back then we didn't think it would completely revolutionise low budget filmmaking in the way it did.

We have the same feeling, albeit at a lesser degree with this film 'Streets of Milano.'

The iPhone 5s has been on sale for less than a week and this is the first short film shot with it that has been brought to our attention. The main addition to the filmmaking side to the new phone is the ability to shoot at high frame rates. This film features footage shot at 120 FPS 720p.

The footage has been graded in post, but just let us remind ourselves here that we are talking about a phone that also shoots video. Not a video camera that shoots video.

We are pretty impressed with the result and it will be interesting to see a side by side comparison of the iPhone 5S next to something like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

And before anybody says "How do you get the files into FCPX..." Just plug your phone in, import and optimise the media and then hit the conform button in the speed controls on your timeline clips. Unfortunately we don't know what NLE the film was cut on.





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