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Over the last week we have seen a few videos that we have featured here on FCP.co pulled from the two big video sites. Removed for different reasons, but users should remember you are broadcasting to the world.

It might seem an obvious statement, but things have moved on since people went to YouTube for cat videos and cola bottles exploding. If you upload your videos then don't be surprised if they get viewed! The sites are not repositories for your work in progress, they are platforms for you to get your productions seen by as many people as possible in as many countries as possible.

Flat screen TV's now have remote controls that can flick onto these sites with one button press, the once clear distinction between traditional broadcasting and viewing online is getting muddier by the day

We have no problem with Cris and his 16,000 clips in FCPX because he removed the videos as he said they weren't really ready for mass consumption. We do have a problem with people appearing on a panel discussion that is clearly being filmed, giving out previously unheard information rumour based or not and then complaining when people watch it online.

We have even had one video removed because the demonstrator showing off FCPX didn't have the copyright clearance needed to show the material!

So what are we trying to say here?

1) Don't publish anything to YouTube or Vimeo you don't want other people to see. Yes you can protect videos with passwords on Vimeo and hidden links on YouTube.

2) Don't say anything on camera that you haven't first hand knowledge of being true. We are not lawyers here, but a date stamped video of somebody saying something they shoudn't have is pretty damming evidence.

3) Make sure anything you show onscreen or audio that you play has been cleared for copyright. Large film companies look at this website too, we've had the email!

It all might seem very obvious listed out here but people's TV watching habbits are changing. More people will watch clips online and although that has fantastic possibilities, you have to handle the power with care. Oh, and no more cat videos please.

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