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davinci resolve 10 beta

The last few trade shows have seen Blackmagic's cameras steal the limelight. There are new products announced today at IBC in Amsterdam, but for editors, the big news is the availability of the DaVinci Resolve 10 Beta.

blackmagic design IBC 4 2013

A few new boxes on the stand this morning, but the major news is the availability for everybody of the DaVinci Resolve 10 Beta to download. Ever since Blackmagic acquired the legendary colour correcting program, they have constantly improved it under the hood. (The history of DaVinci is an interesting read on Wikipedia).

Version 10 brings a raft of new features and a tidy-up of the design. In fact there are so many new features, listing them all here  would mean a long scroll of the webpage. Blackmagic have kindly done the hard work for us in this document.

If the colour correction in Final Cut Pro X isn't to your liking, exporting your production through Resolve will give you access to many advanced, high quality tools. It is still amazing that Blackmagic are offering the Lite version for free.

There are two 'What's new' videos by Alexis Van Hurkman on the Blackmagic Resolve page. We cannot embed them here as they are URL locked on Vimeo.

blackmagic design IBC 2013

Out on the floor, Blackmagic have announced new Ultra HD products, some of them feature 6G-SDI and HMDI 4K. The picture above shows the new SmartScope Duo 4K.

There is an update to the HyperDeck Software to version 4.0, which adds additional ProRes formats to the HyperDeck Studio Pro model. The new formats are ProRes 422, ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes (Proxy). This could be handy if you wanted to record for a longer duration and didn't need 10 bit or ProRes 422 HQ quality. (Certainly we do work in ProRes 422 day in, day out!)

The new HyperDeck Studio models have new machined aluminium faces.

blackmagic design IBC 3 2013

Finally we mention Desktop Video 10, which will be available in October to all UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme customers. There are new features, but probably the coolest is the ability to capture and playback at the same time. On the stand they are showing a live capture, grading and live output, all on a single UltraStudio 4K.

We asked about the latency between the Blackmagic camera and the graded image onscreen. It lags at about 3 to 4 frames.

blackmagic design IBC 2 2013




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