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BRU Producer's Edition version 3.1 from the Tolis Group now supports backup to LTO of FCPX projects and drag and drop backup of media from FCPXML files.

On the eve of possibly some very exciting news from Apple for us all, we take a look at one of the less sexy sides (but never the less important) of editing. Backup.

Copying everything off onto separate disks is fine, but it all gets a bit clumsy when you have more than one edit station and multiple jobs spread over time. Tolis Group has just released an update to their long running BRU series of backup software that will make backing up FCPX media and projects a lot easier.

Backing up to LTO (Linear Tape Open) has been a traditional way of long term storage of data. Looking at Tolis Group's customers is a who's who of media companies, educational establishments and high tech manufacturers, their software has been used for over 27 years!

LTO records to tape, the latest version LTO-6 can transfer data at up to 160 MB/s. Tapes max out at 2.5 TB, but an archive can be spanned across tapes. The costs of the hardware unit have been coming down, we featured the Thunderbolt equipped mTape at IBC this year.

BRU Producer's Edition version 3.1 priced at $499 will now allow the archive of entire FCPX environments and that includes custom motion template plugins that the user has installed.


Whilst this might be overkill for a one seat edit station, it is another example of a well established company tailoring their professional tools for the FCPX user. There are a few features that we really like with this backup system. The first is the copying of any third party templates with the projects, this should save the dreaded red screens,. Non-Motion written plugins will still have be installed manually.

The second is the drag and drop backup of files from FCPXML. We haven't got the resources to try the software out for ourselves, but we hope that this would work with FCPX events/projects as well. (Maybe a Tolis Group staffer might like to chip in here.)

They have also produced a stand alone video on retrieving media from  the backup. (PPro!)



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