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gopro new hero4

Probably the worst kept secret over the last week, but if you haven't of heard already, GoPro has just announced three new cameras. 4K 30FPS, a touch panel and a very inexpensive entry level model.

Before we go any further, load up the GoPro demo film below, select 4K, go fullscreen and enjoy!


Pretty stunning you will agree and all shot on the new GoPro Hero4 which they are saying has double the performance of previous models.

"For the past twelve years, our passion has been to make it easy for people to self-capture jaw dropping, professional quality footage of themselves engaged in their favorite activities," said GoPro Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.  "That passion led us to embark on our most ambitious design and engineering effort ever, and the result is nothing short of the ultimate GoPro—the HERO4 Black.  We can't wait to see what the world captures with it."

The main interest to us here is that the new Hero4 will shoot 4K at frame rates that mean the footage can be incorporated into traditional programming. It won't be long before the 4K footage filled cards start to appear in edit  suites. One advantage here is that if you are editing 4K on a 1080 timeline, you will be able to reframe and offer a wide and close angle without quality loss. Very handy as we receive a lot of GoPro material with stray objects around the edge that ideally need to be removed.

gopro hero4

Hero 4 Black

  • Incredible ultra high definition 4K video at 30fps allows for life-like video capture as well the ability to extract 8.3 megapixel video stills to use as photos
  • Faster high resolution frame rates of 2.7K at 50fps and 1080p at 120fps
  • 12MP magazine cover-quality photos at burst speeds of 30 photos per second
  • Updated user-interface with improved discoverability and access to key camera controls
  • 50% faster Wi-Fi combined with Bluetooth delivers enhanced GoPro App performance and improved power management

The Hero4 Black will retail for $499 and be available for purchase on October 5th. Unfortunately you don't get the wifi remote included this time.


gopro hero4 silver

Hero4 Silver

  • Brilliant built-in touch display allows for easy camera control, shot framing and playback
  • Professional quality video capture at 2.7K30, 1080p60 and 720p120
  • 12MP magazine cover-quality photos at burst speeds of 30 photos per second
  • 50% faster Wi-Fi combined with Bluetooth® delivers enhanced GoPro App performance and improved power management

 The Hero4 Silver will retail for $399


 gopro hero

GoPro Hero

This energy level camera is also interesting to us as its low price means that more of them will appear on shoots. It captures 1080p video at 30fps and 720p video at 60fps. Built in to its own underwater housing, the Hero will retail at an amazing $129. 


GoPro Studio

The companion application has also had an update. Flux (which we imagine is some type of optical flow) enables slomotion and speed ramping effects. It also supports HiLight tags from the Black and Silver which are registered when a button is pressed on the camera to identify the best moments. It would be great if these indicators could translate to keywords or favourites in FCPX.

The new version of GoPro Studio is live now.


Did you know that GoPros account for half of all the video cameras sold in the US? (maybe not including iPhones) No, we didn't either until we watched this extract from CBS This Morning. You'll find an interview with GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman after the CSI plug.


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