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Active Storage are teasing us with this countdown to Monday where a machine to replace the EOL'd Apple XServe might be announced. They have a pretty good track record too..

Ever wondered what happened to the team that designed the XServeRAID after Apple decided to stop making that box of disks? Well they went on to make the XServeRaid Mark 2 although this time they set up their own company to market the familiar looking storage. Why is this of interest to us editors? Well it could be replacing the metadata controllers in shared storage systems like Xsan seeing as Apples' only server solutions now are a MacPro or MacMini! Also it has been pointed out that this new machine will be announced on the same day Apple officially kill off the XServe. Coincidence? :)

Thanks to Torrey Loomis for the tip. More news on monday, but in the meantime take a look at the RAIDS in action at Unit in London.

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