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As FCP gets more & more of a hold in the post-production industry, the requirement for 'interoperability' with other editing systems (OK Avid) is bound to grow. Marquis have launched a box that will help bridge the gap.

We had this story as one of our bankers or to put it another way we were saving it for a slower news day. Marquis have started to publicise 'bridging' so we thought it was time to tell you all about it.

Bridging enables edit sequences and media to be exchanged between Avid and Final Cut Pro edit systems. This allows producers, journalists and online editors to share edits during a production. Built on Marquis’ Media Highway Technology, Bridging converts the sequences and moves the media at the same time. 

For the first time editors are able to move edit sequences and media seamlessly between the two different edit systems. Bridging provides a very convenient method for simply dragging and dropping a sequence from one editor to the other, ensuring media and timeline structures are moved as a background operation.

There have been software solutions to this already, notably Automatic Duck How does this differ? Well from the website it is slightly hard to figure out, but it looks like a hardware box that will do the job in the background.

Based on the shots that appear in the sequence Bridging will transfer material from the source editor to the destination editor. Media is converting on the fly between the different wrappers, MXF OPAtom for the Avid and QuickTime self-contained media for the Apple.

Bridging converts the sequence edit from the source editor to the format of the destination editor (Avid AAF to Apple Final Cut Pro XML or vice versa).

Media is automatically moved with the sequences in a single seamless operation.

Here is the list of systems, storage & media bridging will work with

Edit Systems 
Avid NewsCutter, Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, Apple Final Cut Pro
Edit Storage
Apple XSAN, Avid Unity, Avid ISIS, Standalone workstation, Shared NAS/SAN

Media types 
On Avid
DV, DVCPRO, 50, HD IMX 30, 40 & 50 XDCAM HD DNxHD 36, 120, 145, 185, 220 AVC-Intra
On Apple Final Cut Pro 
DV, DVCPRO, 50, HD IMX 30, 40 & 50 XDCAM HD ProRes422, (HQ), (LT)

We will send an email off to Marquis to see if we can get a price on the system, watch this space for a reply!

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