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It's a forum question that keeps coming up again and again:- "How can I make my video look like film?" Hopefully this post might provide part of the answer. CineGrain have released a huge (and I mean huge) library of quicktime movie film effects on disk.

Shane Reed and Nick Grosvenor have got together through CineGrain to to produce what seems to be the ultimate in film effects. There are other packages out there, but these seem to be pretty extensive and come in a range of resolutions at a corresponding range of prices. If you are trying to make your video look like it was shot on a film camera, from an 8mm home movie with sprockets to a finely grained 35mm film stock look, this is the place I'd look first.

Flash Frames, Light Leaks, Lens Flares, Roll Outs, Dirt & Scratches, Head & Tail Leader, Bad Registration, Hand-Crank, Full Gate With Keycode, And Many More Film Artifacts

Colored And Transfered Specifically For Composite Mode “Overlay”

Choose From ProRes, 1080p Uncompressed, And 2K Resolutions

The Highest Quality Film Look and Grain Solution Available

The clips have been produced to be composited on top of footage in Final Cut Pro and other NLE's that have an overlay blend mode. The package retails at $349 for the 1080p version on disk, right up to a whopping $5,000 if you want  the 4K resolutions. Clips run at 23.98 too which means us Europeans will have to run them through Cinema Tools. The YouTube demo doesn't do the fine grain display any favours so I would suggest clicking on the links below to see the clips in action.

Civil War demo

World War II Demo

Behind The Scenes

The guys also have a booth at NAB this year. C7120

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