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OK, maybe the title is a bit over the top but if you've ever had to do cutouts for motion graphics you will love this refined extraction process in Photoshop CS5.

Problem of the day here at FCP.co towers is having to do multiple cutouts of people. Not a series of bald men, but rather annoyingly the type that likes to use a lot of hair product. This is normally a complete nightmare in Photoshop, I think the last time we did a bulk of them was with the extract filter. That was good but the hair was always a problem especially when composited over a background.

If you sit on Photoshop everyday, then I don't need to tell you that the green and red extraction marker lines round an object are not there any more. So how do you separate an object from a background now?  This rather good tutorial from PhotoshopCafe will show you how.

This tutorial is not new, but it has shaved hours off our job and we are very happy.

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