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EVS has had a bit of a love hate relationship with FCP. Why would you want to edit on Final Cut Pro when you could use IPEdit? Well here is one reason, the launch of IPEdit.3D at NAB 2011.

EVS got a bit of a fright back in 2005 when FCP started to do live editing using Picture Ready or the Telestream Pipeline boxes. Suddenly quick turnaround editing got very cheap. They responded by writing a streaming solution out of their mainframe onto local storage that FCP could see just like a normal quicktime. Although it works, it's the little things like Quick Look not working properly and crashing when trying to export movies from the viewer that always get us. 

If you wanted to stay within the EVS family though, there was always IPEdit. Yet another timeline editor, but you did get advantage of being able to flip through camera angles easily. In the  UK OB/remote market there has been a large uptake of the EVS/Streaming/FCP setup. One thing you can't do though is edit in 3D with a growing file unless you want to bodge togther a dual system somehow. You will also require a lot of rendering which defeats the object somewhat. So if you need to do quick turnaround edits in 3D then the IPEdit.3D fits the bill. Go and waggle the paddle at the EVS stand C9508.

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