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So you want to convert film lengths to video frames with drop frame timecode? Well now you can instantly with this app, Panoptik Timecode that runs on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There is some serious maths under the hood.

panoptik2.320x480-75This is worth $6.99 just to be able to do proper timecode add ups on your iPhone and here in the UK we don't even have to worry about drop frames!

There are other calculators out there but this one looks to have more features and definitely looks sexier than most. We got sent an email from the developers along with a licence (editor(at)fcp(dot)co) and we've been pretty impressed with it so far.

Tristan Holman from Panoptik describes the calculator:

"Timecode is a state-of-the-art specialist calculator with a formidable feature array. Its main advantage is the ability to set up to four user-definable units at once, so you can display PAL, NTSC, HD, frames and film formats at the same time.

panoptik420x480-75Key Timecode features:

• Over 10 different preset formats
• Over 11 preset frame rates and units
• Unique, elegant user interface that makes calculating timecode and footage a pleasure
• Mix any units you desire. From feet to frames to HD to PAL to NTSC to IMAX and beyond!

• View your previous calculations in the comprehensive log"

So if you are doing timecode or film unit calculations on a regular basis, Panoptik Timecode could be a real timesaver. It is available on the iPhone App Store.

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