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We were waiting here yesterday for a large press release from AJA detailing a whole new line of products and it didn't really happen. What is the tribble trouble with AJA?

Ok, time to stop the Star Trek references, but to be fair we didn't start it. Instead of displaying excititng new products on the show floor, AJA Video Systems decided to have a preview event stardate sunday before the monday NAB show open.

At the preview event they described a new technology codenamed 'Riker' and a new Thunderbolt product called 'Phaser." We will post the full press release at the end of the article.

Surely Blackmagic and AJA got wind of Thunderbolt technology at the same time and if the antipodean contingent can get products out there to show the red shirts at NAB then why can't AJA? We all knew from the moment we saw Thunderbolt that it would have a dramatic effect on our industry and if we were captain, we would have immediately diverted power to get products ready for NAB. How about a Ki Pro with a Thunderbolt port or a Thunderbolted Kona card. Nope, it didn't happen.

What we did get though were a few press releases announcing the Ki Pro is recommended for Red Epic, some converters that guys with beards and sandals in the engine room would be interested in, 4K mode for the Kona 3G and a frame synchronizer transporter.

In any Enterprise, getting your products to market is key, but then again we have all waited for capture cards to be released. We were just expecting a bit more, a bit of a 'wow'.


Las Vegas, NV, NAB Conference, Booth SL4420 (April 11, 2011)-- AJA Video Systems is previewing products-in-development featuring the breakthrough Thunderbolt(TM) technology for new high-framerate 2K 3D, 4K and 5K workflows, and portable HD connectivity at its NAB exhibit booth SL4420.

“Video formats and connectivity options are always improving, and at AJA we consistently strive to implement next-gen technology, delivering the tools our customers need today and anticipating those they’ll need in the future,” said AJA President Nick Rashby. “We’re very excited to preview our high-end 4K and 5K workflows, and demonstrate our support for the new Thunderbolt technology as we work to integrate them into our product line.”

Codenamed “Riker,” AJA’s multi-format I/O technology for everything from SD to 5K workflows, is designed to address rapidly changing I/O and processing requirements via its unique modular architecture. “Riker” offers a revolutionary arbitrary hardware scalar that enables users to scale up or down any sized-raster (up to 5K) in realtime at full quality. “Riker” connects to its host via high-speed 8-lane PCIe 2.0, over a 3-meter tether cable. AJA’s new technology provides immense bandwidth, easily handling high-framerate 2K stereo 3D at up to 60Hz per eye, and even 4K stereo 3D at 24/30Hz per eye. “Riker” delivers superior I/O, processing and scaling on the Mac and PC for complex multi-format 5K/4K/2K and HD/Dual-link/SD workflows.

AJA is also demonstrating support for the all-new Thunderbolt technology based HD/SD I/O with the recently introduced MacBook Pro line. Developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt technology is designed to provide simple, yet powerful one-cable plug-in connectivity for 3G, HD/SD-SDI and HDMI workflows. Codenamed “Phaser”, AJA’s upcoming product supports HDMI 1.3a input and HDMI 1.4 output for stereo playback, provides 10-bit up/down/cross-conversions, with RS422 device control and professional reference/LTC I/O, in a highly portable design.

“Riker” and “Phaser” are technology previews only. Products supporting this technology are currently in development and will be announced soon.

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