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Vimeo have launched a new service, Vimeo Pro. Do you use Vimeo for posting commercial videos? If so then this might be just be worth looking at to avoid the potential black box problem on your website.

There are only two real choices for hosting your videos online, YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube has always been seen as the low quality host full of dogs doing tricks or Rebecca Black videos. Vimeo has been seen as the filmmakers host, more craft, 5D's and film flares than Star Wars kid or a baby biting another kids finger.

There is one big difference between the two, Vimeo under its terms and conditions doesn't allow the posting of commercial videos. We know of at least one website owner who woke up one day to find his site littered with black rectangles, his Vimeo videos and account were deleted.

We think Vimeo have recognised the need for users to be able to post commercial videos online, Vimeo Pro has no restriction on commercial usage. It's also got some pretty cool new features too.



  • "Portfolios allow PRO members to create unique, stand alone, fully customizable websites, without any Vimeo branding, to promote and showcase their videos and service. Need a website? With Portfolios you can create one in minutes without having to type a line of code. We're·launching with several themes toget you started, and there will be many more to come. We even have custom domain support and built-in video SEO!

  • Video Review Pages give PRO members a way to share unbranded and unlisted video pages with clients or for internal use. We are also allowing anonymous commenting as well as added password protection privacy.

  • Brandable video player options gives PRO accounts the ability to add their own logo to the player! All embedded videos will show your logo, no matter where they are embedded or shared.

  • Third-party video player support if you don't like ours ;) We think our player is pretty awesome, but we know you might need something we don't offer. Now you have even more options!

  • All the best features of Plus are included as well, including Advanced Stats, Unlimited HD uploading, HD embedding (up to 1080p), priority uploading, and great mobile, tablet and TV support."

All that for $199 a year and the peace of mind that your videos will be there in the morning. Now that there is a Pro option, maybe Vimeo are going to get tough on commercial videos on standard accounts.

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