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Philip Johnston presents part two of his review of IBC 2011. What was his highlight of the show, the JVC 4K camera or the 8K Super High Vision demo?

The answer is neither, we'll let you discover his pick when you view his closing piece to camera. 

The small 4K prototype from JVC is interesting, as is the comment from Semir Nouri of JVC Pro Europe who said they are talking to the major NLE manufacturers about having their edit systems ready for the camera's launch. We would be surprised if Apple & FCPX weren't included on the list.

Philip touches on the 8K Super High Vision demo at the show. What he dosen't mention is that not only were the pictures stunning, but they were using a 22.2 sound system. Imagine getting that past the wife for installation in your lounge! Seriously, their 8K wide coverage of a football match was superb, we would much rather watch that with a single camera than headache inducing 3D with glasses.

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