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When software bills itself as 'The only truly professional shot listing app' it's worth a look to see if it lives up to the hype. Shotlister runs on your iOS device of choice and it's also half price at $9.99 for a week.

The new Shotlister app will help you plan, schedule and check you're getting through your day on target by providing a constantly updating shotlist. Again, it's another application that's hard to describe in a sentence, but easy to understand by watching a video.

We also liked the authors request for PR: "We’re counting on viral marketing to get the word out (we already spent all our money :) so please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested and ask them to forward it on to others. The app is for directors, producers, production managers, ADs. And if you actually buy the app, please consider reviewing and rating it if you like it. It’s a bit of extra work but really helps us get noticed."

So if you know of anybody who might benefit from using the app, please point them to this article.

If you regularly have to schedule shoots and break the day down into times for individual setups or shots then Shotlister looks like it will save a lot of time and therefore money. We think the authors have missed a trick though and we would hope that the next version would allow some integration of the shoot metadata into post production applications. Take a look at Sony's XMPilot or QRSlate, they offer more than just organising a list of shots and keeping on time. As we rely more and more on metadata to organise our rushes, some integration is almost essential to cut the time spent collating with keywords or getting media into bins.

Many thanks to Alec for the tip.

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