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mxf4mac player

Hamburg Pro Media has launched MXF4mac Player which enables you to play a variety of MXF files in a Quicktime 7 style UI on your Mac.

MXF formats are becoming more and more popular as it allows media to be shared between different NLE's and manufacturers with relative ease. One example of this is the rise of AVC Intra 100 as the main format of choice for large events. It also means that the industry standard EVS can handle and distribute the files without having to re-encode.

Hamburg Pro Media have launched MXF4mac Player a free download that will not only read MXF files such as AVC Intra but will also open just about any other pro video format you care to chuck at it. 

"Open or just drag nearly any flavour of MXF files into the MXF4mac player to watch it, even in full screen. Control 8 tracks of audio, the framerate, Movie Time, Source Package Timecode, Frame Number and  Data Rate. MXF4mac Player can open most MXF variations. It supports, XDCAM HD, AVC-Intra, JPEG 2000, DNxHD, HDV, Uncompressed SD/HD, Uncompressed Avid 10 bit, DVC-Pro HD, IMX-D10,DV, Meridien, Sony Proxy and more.(with codecs installed) The MXF4mac player is also able to play Panasonic P2 XML documents like movie files with video and audio linked together. Of course it is compatilbe to Quicktime movies and more (e.g. .mp4, .avi, .m4v, .wav, .aif, .aiff)."

The authors of the player have packed in the normal controls you would expect in a very neat interface. They also claim that MXF4mac player will open 150 Avid MXF files in 10 seconds whereas QuickTime 7 or QuickTime X takes up to 50 seconds to open the same files.

  • JKL playback control
  • Full screen playback mode
  • Multiple  timecode tracks for MXF
  • Timecode, movie time and frame count modes
  • One click Solo and Mute operations for up to 8 individual audio channels
  • P2 and Avid playback
  • Standalone Player - no  additional MXF4mac component necessary

This is only a player, if you want to edit In FCP7 with MXF files without transcoding then you'll need one of the plugins for QuickTime that Hamburg Pro Media offer for sale. MXF import QT retails at €499 and AVC-Intra QT retails at €199.

If like us you find all the talk of formats slightly confusing, there's a handy Wikipedia article on AVC Intra.

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