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It's a morning of battles! New to the FCP ecosystem is the $49 multicam syncing software WooWave SyncPro that claims it's a lot more accurate than Singular Software's PluralEyes.

When Bruce Sharpe from Singular Software released PluralEyes it revolutionised the way different camera angles from a shoot could be synced up together by comparing the sound channels if there wasn't any timecode. The problem with PluralEyes was that as it was such a great idea, it was only a matter of time before other people started to copy the concept.

First were Apple who built similar functionality right into Final Cut Pro X and by doing so destroyed a valuable segment of Bruce's income. A year on from the FCPX release, PluralEyes and Bruce's other products are now being run by Red Giant. We now have another company called WooWave from Skopje in Macedonia that has released SyncPro at $49 which they claim is more accurate than PluralEyes. They are being a bit cheeky too by offering a $29 cross grade deal to PluralEyes customers! There are two versions to download, an OS X one for FCP7/FCPX and Premiere Pro OS X and a Windows version for Premiere Pro.

We would imagine that English is not their first language so we can excuse the website for not being completely followable first time. They have produced a video though which shows PluralEyes and WooWave SyncPro battling it out!


"Sync Pro is the ultimate tool for organising your footage in a very neat mutlicam sequences which are just great when working on documentaries or reality TV with multiple camera shots.When more cameras are used, and if time-code systems are either not practical or too expensive to setup, for a very long time the assistant editor spent ages trying to make sense of what was filmed and when.This is not an issue anymore. By using WoOSync Pro, you are saving hours of needless digging through the files,tapes etc. If there ever was an app that could be a real friend in need, this is the one."

We have used PluralEyes and of course the internal syncing within FCPX, but not WooWave SyncPro, or WoOSync Pro as it is called in the video. At a third of the price (current offer) it looks like an attractive option if it really does do a better job than the other two. A good benchmarked three way shootout would be ideal. Also we have to admire WooWave's decision to offer the software free to film makers in third world countries whose GDP is below the world average.

As always, if you have had the opportunity to try out the software, please let us know in the comments below.