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matrox unified driver

***Update on FCP7 driver news from Matrox***

Matrox have announced that a unified driver is available for Avid Media Composer & Adobe CS6 Production Premium for the PC. They will also add FCPX support in January for the Mac!

Great news if you own one of the MXO2 series of I/O boxes from Matrox. Although FCPX compatibility was already added, it was a separate driver that you had to install that stopped the other apps working. We know of editors who went out and bought other cards or boxes due to this problem.

You are in luck if you run a PC as Matrox have announced a new combined driver for Avid and Adobe that can be downloaded from their website today. We are obviously more interested in the unified driver for the Mac which will also support FCPX!

“The release of this new Matrox driver underscores our commitment to providing the support our users need to get the most from their creative tools,” said Wayne Andrews, product manager at Matrox. “Our customers can now seamlessly choose the right application for each video production task from the full line of Avid and Adobe offerings.”

The new PC software release version 7.1 is available now to registered users as a free download from the Matrox website.  A unified driver for Mac users (version 3.3) will be available in January 2013 and provide for support for Apple FCP X and Compressor in addition to the Avid and Adobe applications.

We will send an email to Wayne and ask him if the driver will also support FCP7.

The drivers will run on the Matrox MXO2™ and Matrox MXO2 MAX families of I/O devices, and the Matrox Mojito™ MAX I/O card.

So if you own an MXO2 (we do) expect to be able to swap between all of the major NLE's without having to constantly flash the box with new drivers.

UPDATE 26/11/12

We had an email from Matrox saying that the 3.3 combined driver will not support FCP7 on its release although Matrox have recognised the request. Hopefully that means that a single driver for all commonly used NLE's is in the works.


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