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macbreak studio spirograph

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, we travel back to our childhood and emulate a Spirograph using Motion5. Standby for lots of spirals!

Maybe it is an age thing, but certainly a few childhood households in the FCP.co office had a Spirograph set to play with. The Spirograph toy consisted of a set of plastic gears. You used two at once, one (the rotor) to rotate around the other (the stator). By putting a pen in the rotating gear, many different spiral patterns could be drawn.

Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin (he does get excited) how to build a virtual Spirograph set in Motion5. Whilst you might not want to build this effect for day to day graphics, the techniques could translate to a lot of other motion graphic projects.

Great stuff from the duo as always. If you would like to learn more about Motion, Mark has some excellent tutorials on the Ripple Training website.



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