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MacBreak particle dance Motion

Maybe this week's episode of MacBreak Studio should be titled 'Making particles dance in Motion with Steve Martin!' A great tutorial showing the power of emitters and behaviours.

In this week's tutorial, not only do we get Steve Martin bopping away at the top, we also get another example of how powerful the behaviours can be in Apple's Motion.

Mark Spencer shows Steve how to make a particle emitter dance to music. Starting off with an existing emitter, behaviours are applied to the emitter to build up an animating 'fountain' of particles that react to a music track.

As always, some great tips in this new episode. If you would like to know more, Mark has some extensive tutorials at Ripple Training.

If you would like to have a 'binge watch' then there is a massive 17 hours of Motion tutorials called the Complete Series and is available now. 



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