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Motion Timesaver tutorials

If you're a fan of Motion then you are in for a treat. Andy Neil has published some of his full length tutorials on YouTube. This means of course that you get his great in-depth instruction on building graphics for free!

If the name Andy Neil sounds familiar, you would be right. He has been publishing great Motion and FCPX tutorials embedded on another website for quite a few years. But he's now decided to bust them out of there and publish a series directly  on YouTube.

This is fantastic news for all of us as, take a look at any one of the tutorials and you'll see the level of instruction that Andy goes into.

We have rounded up as many of his tutorials as we could find and have embedded them right here. Some are for Motion4, but the techniques translate directly to Motion5. We thank Andy for making these available to us and our readers, hopefully with a bit of encouragement he might publish more!

Motion INS and OUTS  - How to make a looping background in Motion


How to Build a Video Wall in Motion


Motion INS and OUTS - Advanced Keyframing Techniques


Motion Quick Tip - 3D Rotating Earth



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