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wrapping text Motion macbreak

In a very quiet week for FCPX news, it's good to see the MacBreak boys continuing to release tutorials. This time they wrangle text around an object.

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin on MacBreak Studio had requests for a tutorial to demonstrate how to wrap text around an object in Motion. This new episode from the duo shows users exactly how to do that.

By adjusting the Path Options in the Layout Method of a line of text, Mark wraps a line of text around an object. This method can be used for a variety of creative options, especially if the text is included in a 3D project.

As always, great information from Mark & Steve. If you would like to know more about using text in Motion, the tutorial mentioned in the tutorial (Tutception?) is called Mastering Text in Motion and is available for $49 as are many other great tutorials on the Ripple Training website.




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