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Hot on the heels of their new creative editing lessons, Ripple Training has just published a new 'Getting Started with Motion 5' set of tutorials. They are also offering 25% off until March the 3rd on this product as well.

Everyone would agree that Final Cut Pro X is a very powerful non-linear editor, but to unlock the real potential of the NLE, you need to know how to work Motion. Why? Because the majority of FCPX's effects are built in Motion and are then published as generators, filters, transitions or titles.

So what if you've never even opened Motion up?

Ripple's new flagship Motion tutorial is called 'Getting Started in Motion 5.' Priced at $39.99, it's designed to do exactly that, start off at the basics and work through the app. Good news too, there is a 25% off coupon code valid until the 3rd of March. Just use the code 'mograph'. 

Steve Martin from Ripple Training explains:

Over the past year or so we've received numerous requests to create a "fundamentals" tutorial on using Motion 5. Back in 2011 when Motion 5 was released, we created an introductory tutorial called Motion Fast Forward, that spent much of it's time explaining how Motion integrates with FCP X. We took a step back to see if there might be a better way to explain Motion's incredible feature set to new users - users who have not seen the full potential of what Motion is capable of.

In that vein, we created a new Motion tutorial for beginners aptly titled, Getting Started in Motion 5, that walks the user through the complete Motion interface - from creating the initial project, to delivering a completed product. We also changed our approach to teaching Motion's core feature set making the process of creating complex motion graphics more logical and procedural. For example, you'll learn how to build a composite image before you work with color or animate the elements of your composite.

Along the way you will learn fundamental skills such as working with groups and layers; transforming objects; animating with behaviors and keyframes; keying; using shapes, particles, replicators and masks; adding titles and publishing templates for Final Cut Pro X.

As always, here are a few extracts from the course:


Transforming Groups in Motion


Working with Groups & Layers


Working with Groups & Layers


Using the Keyer


Adding and Modifying a Replicator


Adding and Modifying a Replicator


Working with Audio


Working with Particles Emitters


Working with Particles Emitters




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