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Noah Leon replied to the topic 'Optical Flow not working on 10.4.2 and High Sierra...' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm having the same problem. Macbook Pro Retina 2013 with Nvidia. I noticed you have an NVIDIA card also. Did you ever solve your problem?

Yes, I tried Apple too. So far no response on their forum. I think if I can figure out when it starts for me, I might be able to figure out why. Before I just dealt with it, never considered fixing it, but it actually takes a lot of extra time while editing since the only way for me to re-show the clips is to zoom in then out with the keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks, just a couple questions: the missing parts of the timeline eventually appear in your case? Without doing anything to force a refresh?

And also, are you working with really huge projects, XMLs, and RT Adjustment layers?

Thanks, just trying to figure this out because on my machine, it doesn't ALWAYS do it, only most of the time.

Thanks for the replies.

I'm using a Macbook Pro 2013 with Retina display, i7 2.2Ghz, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, and am editing mostly from a USB3 SSD (although I archive all my stuff on a big slow RAID, I don't use it for editing anymore since I discovered SSDs). Sometimes I have an external monitor connected, but it doesn't seem to affect anything one way or another.

I checked the Activity Monitor to see if all my RAM was being used up, it doesn't seem to be the case based on the "memory pressure" graphic, but maybe that is misleading?

Yes I am editing stuff that was either pre-edited on Premiere or was synchronized using Pluraleyes, but it could also be the size of the project, sometimes I am working with projects which originally had 6hrs of video on the timeline, although the video I am working on right now in the video exhibits the problem and I have trimmed it down to 1.5hrs.

Next project I will try not working from an XML and start the project completely in FCPX to see if that is the problem and report back.


Yes I have noticed a lot of little graphical glitches in 10.3, but this problem has been with me since 10.2, and I sort of just assumed it was common and worked around it. I decided to google a solution and found that nobody else is really having trouble with this specific thing, so now I'm doubly curious if I can fix it.

The subject says it all. Editing a 1-2 hour video and as I scroll through, clips to the right on the timeline stop appearing. Basically, they don't appear to be there, no thumbnails, no outline, just empty space, until I zoom in or out, at which point they suddenly appear. I'm putting a link to a video I uploaded which illustrates the problem. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know what causes it and have a solution?

It does this on my Macbook Retina, and it did it on my 27" iMac too when I had it, so this is a few versions for me, and the behavior is pretty consistent. I usually import a lot of FCPXMLs from Pluraleyes or Adobe Premiere, if that makes a difference, though I'm not convinced that is the problem (I need more evidence).

I'm working almost exclusively with XAVC-s footage.

The video: youtu.be/RZ_Gg8yTFws

Any help is appreciated.