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In this example you can see the crawling text - this is a plug in I found from fcpxfree.com/products/crawling-text-in-final-cut-pro-x

Here is example of Jitters.Please do not share.


Any work rounds - or do you know if the FCP Effects version is any better?



Am I missing something? I am trying to create an animated gif by exporting a short movie file. For an email sig.

When I click compressor settings from "add destination" the "built in" folder ... is empty!?

Any ideas?


Cameron Jake replied to the topic 'Missing files mystery can you assist?' in the forum. 1 month ago

Oddly I had to remake that segment of the project

Nothing worked at all.

I re downloaded the placed the newly downloaded clips into the external drive where they were before but FCP did not re assign the place of them in the timeline, only the clip itself, i.e. not the specific cuts.

Never mind... Lesson learned!


Cameron Jake replied to the topic 'Missing files mystery can you assist?' in the forum. 2 months ago

Thanks added.
Having downloaded the original file again.
My issue now is the media has dropped back in and is visbile in the time line - i.e. the same file name - however the clips as they were are completely all messed up.. is this the result of whats happened or is there a way to find them again in the exact clip order and section that they were in?


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I am in a project working in proxies.

Strangely when I select "optimised media" in order to switch out and then render I am seeing the red missing files on a number of portions of the video.

It seems I may have inadvertently deleted somehow the sections of video that are missing, the proxies however are obviously still there and visible strangely.

1 Section is just a collection of clips on the time line.

2.Another section is a compound clip edited to show within a shape ( a plug in from FX Factory

I am assuming that if I re download and re link the media fc will recognise the media and drop it back in right? Or have I got to re build the whole thing again.?


..at least that is the theory right?

Well when moving from a 13 inch to a 16 inch I did just that - and there was a few - actually a lot of issues.

Firstly you can't back up to a drive / ssd that is not empty - I tried that on the last back up.

Secondly even though I saved a copy of my ssd on another drive when I opened the libraries in FCPX that I had saved and moved around they no longer worked, media could not be relinked and so on.

Ofcourse I could purchase or USE an additional drive for this time and in Time Machine I could select "back up machine and external drives" I think that is an option. Maybe that is the safest bet.

Alernatively APPLE can wait whilst I finish this as they send me a vibrating machine in the first place.


Mid way through a project on MBP 16 - which oddly vibrates sometimes when plugged in.

Called Apple, - they want to send another one out!

It means I need to restore and do the whole thing again..

Midway through an edit though - and all my media is on a SSD external - which I would need to wipe before backing up this machine and restoring the new one.

I did think about backing up media and libraries to the SSD - then backing THAT up to another HDD - then delete the data from the SSD restore new machine - delete it again - and then transfer libraries back to it and hoping its all there!

One option is to make the project into segments and bounce out a master of each one - then its only one file that will not be editable to import into fcpx and put with the same music when the new machine arrives....



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Heavens I agree with you - Motion VFX logo and M Logo are shocking wastes of money. So slow. Un usable some of them, I lieterally have to spend an afternoon previewing them all and only using the ones that actually work.

What a con shop. Same applies with M02 - it doesnt hardly work on a new 16 / catalina.

I am using 32gb highest graphics card they do 5500m with 8gb ddr ram 6 core i 7 2.6....

Not only that but nowhere is it listed that there are minimum specs. Both pixel and fx factory smash them. Such a shame - not sure who they are trying to attract but it's put me off buying a single thing more from them.


Like it - when you download a preset or effect from them in demo form, does it automatically activate if you then later purchase said item? Or do you have to go back and do all your work again and re download it?


Founc something XEffects walls :)


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There is like an orange new thing on my pointer when I am editing, I have not noticed this before - its only recently appeared after buying a new machine....



I have tunnels footage and I am thinking I want screens to come into view and come towards as a kind of flying screens concept. I am looking on Pixel film and found one called Layouts.


This be ok or is there like a generator I can get of a screen or stage type idea to save me doign it manually. I deally this would be MO2 but I wont be able to learn that fast enough and lots of people have issues with it on their Mac 16s


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Sounds like you want some form of audio visualiser effect - and to my knowledge there is not such a thing that can do that other than Motion - which I don't know how to work. You could always use crop tools and zoom transform, but I can't visualise the end result looking very good if I am honest.

If you get a visualiser effect and drop that onto the image that is one work round perhaps.


Cameron Jake replied to the topic 'Grading workflow for YouTube videos?' in the forum. 2 months ago

There is a free adjustment layer online you can download from YT yes.

For me its the last thing I do.

If Its absolutely necc that I grade - I drag a preset "look" onto the adjustment layer rather than fart about - its not Avengers Assemble :) But yeh there is also the manual ajdustment of the colour via adjustment layer.


Cameron Jake replied to the topic 'Audio Not Importing' in the forum. 2 months ago

I suppose you have tried the obvious things right? Opening the files in different things like Quicktime, VLC etc to make sure they are ok?

If there is audio on your original file then maybe try and import to a folder from your camera or SD first on your machine or xternal.

Then import from there and see if there is an issue... To me it sounds like the import from camera is not liking something in there somewhere....