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Dimitri replied to the topic 'Copying original media to new library' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thanks ! Helpful to understand more in general with that video and perhaps it gives me an idea to solve my problem.

Dimitri replied to the topic 'FCPx library issue' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thx Ronny. The problem stays a little bit .. because I don't have any clue which one of the different libraries is the best one to consolidate. But I will give it a try. ;-)

Dimitri created a new topic ' Copying original media to new library' in the forum. 5 years ago

When you copy an event to a new library ... are you copying original media as well ? And if not .. is there a way to copy the original media too ?

Dimitri created a new topic ' FCPx library issue' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hi there. In need of some help. Probably I've done some stupid actions to resolve the problem at first sight. The result: I have to many copies of a same library .. and in my last library I still get exclamation signs in almost each project although I have relinked all the media. All libraries are on the same external disk (Thunderbolt).

My thoughts : consolidation seems to me not the right way to solve the problem for good. What I want is this : keep on working with my latest library but assuring that all my media in every project are the original media ... BUT that's the issue : how can I do this (because there too many backup copies made the last days so I can't figure out where the original media is stored).

It's like copying one file into another file and by doing this it recognizes same files and overwrite them with the new one or the older one. But in my case, I want to assure that I copie every original file into my latest library. After that I can delete all the other backup copies to work with one library again.

Is there a plugin that can help me to do this ?

Thanks for your reply folks !!!

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Dimitri replied to the topic 'Audio sweetening lacks in fcpx' in the forum. 6 years ago

It's very strange that there is a need of a roundtrip to get a mixer and almost endless tracks. Trust me, I'm a real believer in an NLE like FCPx although, everyday I met editors who don't like FCPx.. but there is one thing that is not just build in like it should be for professional use : and that's the audio part in FCPx. But, we hope ... ;-) I have LCPx, but it is more a music composer than an audio editor .

Dimitri replied to the topic 'Audio sweetening lacks in fcpx' in the forum. 6 years ago

Hi, If you compare it with Audition ... or with Soundtrack (FCP 7)... Only adjusting levels is not pleasant to use in FPCx. And so many other things. When you want to mix on 5 tracks or more .. FCPx is not the right tool for it. So, there is a need of additional software that corresponds with FCPx in a direct way.

Dimitri created a new topic ' Audio sweetening lacks in fcpx' in the forum. 6 years ago

After more than two years of regulary updates/upgrades of FCPx ... why is there still no good audio sweetening possible with FPCx, if you compare it with Premiere Pro & Audition. Yes, I know you can work with Logic Pro X .. but it's a way around. Is it so difficult for Apple to understand that a good NLE like FPCx has a need of a dedicated audio editing tool like it was with Soundtrack like with FCP7 in the past? Or is there a huge upgrade in the pipeline in the near future. I think, it would level up FCPx in the professional world.

How to fix this ? It's the first time this occurs, but frustrating too. Is this a bug ?

Learned in 6 months motion graphics and 3D-animation and also using the wonderful FCPx for the final edit of my showreel. On YT www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1GIMi_WTiM Or more info on Facebook.com/wonderpixelvisualeffects or www.wonderpixel.eu

Does someone know the email address or Steve Martin or Mark Spencer of RippleTraining?

Is there any showcase platform here to share a selfmade production with other professionals? (edited in FCPx)

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SHOWREEL WONDERPIXEL the house of visual effects

And here it is ! The Showreel of WonderPixel. Enjoy visual effects, 3D animations, motion graphics, photorealistic scenery and so much more. We will...

Dimitri created a new topic ' LogicPro x and FCPx issues !!' in the forum. 7 years ago

Hi folks. Today, I bought Logic Pro X, it's obviously the latest version, 10.0.5 ! But although I found some tutorials of how to import XML files from fcpx to lpx ... the user interface of LP has changed in this version. If you want to import and XMLfile into Logic, you don't see the option "FCPro XML" under the filemenu in Logic. So... what's next? I tried to open an XMLfile directly to LogicPro and that works ... but not all the tracks did make the yourney to Logic. Frustrating. So .. is there anyone who knows the answer ... because now, I have the impression that the workflow between FCPx 10.1. and LPx 10.0.5 isn't so promising .. I hope this is a wrong perception... Still believing in both software packages .. rather than using Adobe Audition. But .. I have to find a solution on this XML matter.

After just downloading LPx, struggling with the attempts of using XMLfiles of FCPx to LPx ... frustrating... not all tracks are imported.