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Attention filmmakers, this is going to save you a lot of time. The new application PrimariesExporter lets editors export sets of clips with synced audio and effects from the primary storyline in FCPX. All with just a few clicks. 

If you are a regular reader on FCP.co, you are probably familiar with Clip Exporter and its developer, Thomas Szabo. He's now gone one stage further and released PrimariesExporter, a standalone application that works in tandem with FCPX to get multiple clips, stills and XML out.

Thomas explains:

When I re-coded ClipExporter 2 Mike Matzdorff (the 1st assistant editor for the FCPX feature film "Focus") and Sam Mestman (workflow architect of FCPXWORKS.com) got in touch with me and told me that they really missed an essential tool.

"The last missing puzzle piece in their post-production workflow". An app that batch exports rendered clips (aka dailies) and outputs a metadata report with thumbnails of the exported clips. Until then they used existing high cost software for this task and wondered if it was possible with Final Cut Pro X and a 3rd party app as well. And it is.

PrimariesExporter teams up with FCPX to help editors and post-production companies save time and money. It was built with ClipExporter´s production proven and rock solid XML parsing framework and speeds up workflows as it eliminates the need to export / import XML files. I hope that this new "exporter-family member" will help a lot of editors. 


He's also produced this video that explains the benefits of using Primaries Exporter.


What we like about PrimariesExporter is the fact that Thomas has listened to the requests of editors and produced a very slick application that will save productions a lot of time and money. It is also priced well to fit into the FCPX ecosystem by being a free download, with the ability to output two clips for testing and then an in-app purchases for the output module licences.

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• Setup different Share Destinations and export small downscaled H264 or high resolution ProRes4444 XQ videos.
• Export rendered clips with synced audio, color corrections and effects.
• PrimariesExporter adds spotlight searchable "notes" and "keywords" metadata to the output video file.

• Simply add markers to your clips to define a custom frame you wish to export. When no marker was added, ClipExporter uses the first frame of a clip.
• Set a custom image size and choose an image format that fits perfectly into your workflow.

• Thumbnail
• Save as HTML file or as Excel spreadsheet including thumbnails.
• Edit metadata field before saving.
• Supports the most common "studio" metadata fields.


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We can see many uses for PrimariesExporter. There is obviously the film workflow use which the app has been designed for, but we can also see it being used as a 'batch export' tool. We see many requests to be able to export out more than one clip at a time and this should be able to that from the primary storyline. This could be especially useful when archiving media in TV stations for example.

The application is also creeping closer to one of the most requested new features of FCPX, media management in an FCP7 style.

So if you haven't already been convinced to download the free version of PrimariesExporter and give it a whirl, we will leave the last word to Mike Matzdorff: