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Pluraleyes 3

Red Giant have announced that PluralEyes 3 is shipping. The new version sports a new interface design as well as claimed performance speeds of up to 20x. New tutorials for FCP7 & FCPX too.

It is getting rather competitive in the media syncing software business. In the same week that WooWave caused a stir, a new version of PluralEyes has been released. Both apps and the internal syncing within FCPX take over the laborious work of lining multicamera clips up by analysing the audio waveforms and automatically synchronising them together. This is the first new release by Red Giant since the company acquired Singular Software.

Priced at $199 for new customers and $79 for upgrading from PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes, the app now has a new interface that users can monitor and identify sync problems in real time. Red Giant have also simplified the licencing by combining the standalone app DualEyes and making one licence work for all NLEs supported and all machines. A windows update for PluralEyes 3 will follow.

Pluraleyes 3 gui

What's New

  • Turn post from tedious to lightning-fast. PluralEyes 3 is up to 20 times quicker than PluralEyes 2, and hundreds of times faster than synchronizing the old-fashioned way. Learn to love visual storytelling again.
  • Enjoy production more as you do less. A brand new timeline with visual feedback gives you confidence as you watch the sync happen. Identify problems before they happen, and get some geek excitement by watching the sync occur in real time.
  • Bring quality control to the edit. New ‘test & tweak’ tools such as Two-Up View and Synchronize Pair of Clips save time by adjusting the sync on-the-fly, offering you a full quality control step before the creative editing.
  • Get the sync in in one place. Our integration of DualEyes features has created a standalone PluralEyes application, creating a consolidated work environment.
  • Just buy it once. PluralEyes 3 delivers everything at once, with support for all host NLEs in one package, at one price. You get exactly what you need with one simplified purchase.

Now a raft of videos for you to watch. We will leave the new Seth Worley film Form 17 and the behind the scenes videos until after the FCP7 and FCPX tutorials.


Getting Started with PluralEyes 3: Final Cut Pro X

 Getting Started with PluralEyes 3: Final Cut Pro 6 & 7

Red Giant PluralEyes3 QuickStart Guide

And onto the traditional short film & BTS video

Short BTS video showing PluralEyes in action on Form 17

The long BTS video

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