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How do you keep all your custom Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 effects synchronised across multiple machines? Turner Hall sent us this handy tip.

Keeping resources across all machines can be a nightmare, so how can you make sure that your FCPX and Motion installs have the same effects loaded?

We came across this problem with Motion3 when we tried to 'force' the template storage for all machines on an Xsan to point to the same folder. It didn't work and Apple didn't have a solution for it either.

A few years and a few versions on, the same problem exists and it's only going to get worse with the ease that editors can now create Motion effects for FCPX. We've heard of people using Dropbox to distribute projects, but we hadn't heard of SugarSync until Turner sent us a link to his blog.

"As a Motion & FCP X user, I wanted to be able to have my effects be the same on both machines without having to always be transferring them. I did some tests and developed a solution and developed a tutorial demonstrating how to sync effects across multiple machines. The solution requires a free 5 GB SugarSync account and basically the sugar sync app works in the background to constantly merge the Motion Templates folders on any machine you'd like to set it up on."

We haven't tried it out but it sounds a pretty ingenious solution, you obviously have to be connected to the internet though!

It will be interesting to see if the release of Lion with its built in Xsan features might solve this problem, Alex Gollner has already dug up collaborative editing potential within FCPX.

Gets a SugarSync account.

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