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When we first saw the announcement about Thunderbolt we knew it would change the industry. We met up with Clément Barberis from LaCie to look at the Little Big Disk and its new Thunderbolted big brother.


You might have noticed a slowdown on the site recently, this is because every day we get more and more new traffic and our old creaky server 'Cannot handle it anymore Captain.'  So over the next few days we are upgrading (again) our hosting hardware to handle the traffic. We have grown far quicker than we expected, so a big thank you to you all out there for making us the destination for everything FCPX and of course Final Cut Pro. In the meantime, sorry if we go offline or things run slower than they should.


AJA Video have been in the Mac video card business for over 10 years, no doubt you have either owned one or edited on a system using one. Here Jon from AJA runs through the products and looks to the future.


When the iPhone version of this storyboard creation app was launched, we thought it was pretty cool but maybe the size of the iPhone made everything a bit fiddly to work. Now Cinemek have released a version that also works on the iPad which gives the app a new lease of life with the extra real estate.


Vimeo have launched a new service, Vimeo Pro. Do you use Vimeo for posting commercial videos? If so then this might be just be worth looking at to avoid the potential black box problem on your website.


Red Giant have today announced the availability of its updated professional green screen tool, Primatte Keyer. New features, improved performance and a pretty impressive list of Hollywood credits too.


We nearly posted this yesterday but we're glad we didn't as a discount promo arrived in our inbox today. Red Giant have updated the Magic Bullet Suite, added some plugins and now have 25% off too.


We are going to have to hide our credit cards this morning. Apple have just posted the Promise Pegasus R6 12 & 6TB drives on the Apple Store. That 'Add to Basket' button is saying 'click me.'


We all know that we will be able to download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store in July. But what if you have multiple seats that need upgrading and would a possible volume licence apply to other (ahem) downloadable apps in the future?


Making 3D material is still not easy, so how difficult is it to make a 3D menu to start off your 3D Blu-ray disk? To be honest we wouldn't have a Scooby where to start, luckily we know a man who has produced an excellent half hour tutorial to show us how.


With tutorials sometimes we forget that some users are just starting out to use a program, they want good basic advice rather than the wizz bang how-to. This tutorial is a good look at the basics of using layers and masks in Photoshop.


***Updated with embedded YouTube HD video of keynote***

With no new hardware and no sign of FCPX, Steve Jobs' keynote speech was nevertheless a classic. We detail some of the points that will relate to the Pro Apps user. How about a 97% price reduction for one!


How would you like to win a free pack of film burn effects worth $99? We have a licence to giveaway to celebrate Digital Cinema Foundations launch of their new pack of 10 grungy light leak effects. Winner announced