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The war between portable LCD recorders broke out a few weeks ago. Cinedeck have joined the fight with their new model which offers Avid DNxHD, CineForm and Apple ProRes recording as well as 3D options. Find out all the tech spec for EXTREME after the break and where you can find it at NAB.


We saw this yesterday and thought it was a bit cheeky. Then again they got booted off the Supermeet stage by Apple so this is a good return to Cupertino's serve. 


A nice update. Adobe even admit to borrowing a few features from other NLE's. Get a tour of the new features of Premiere and the other apps with a 43 minute demo video after the break. 


We had all heard that a Sony Factory in Sendai had been hit in the recent tsunami. The plant was the principal base for professional video tapes, blank Blu-ray Discs and other media products. IDG visit the plant for this report, video after the break.


So the big news over the last week was that GoPro had bought CineForm and now we know why, the 3D combining & editing of two GoPro camera movies. The software is a free download too - what will that mean for Neo?

++ We urge you to watch the GoPro 3D Hero highlight reel on Youtube as we cannot embed. It is pretty amazing ++

We were pretty impressed with Get when we saw the demos, but always thought it was a bit pricey to fit into the Final Cut Pro 'ecosystem.' Now just before NAB, AV3 Software has halved the price to a very reasonable $249. No April Fool either!

They are going to be 'the' gadget of NAB 2011, the portable LCD screened ProRes recorder for your video camera or DSLR. In true London bus style (you wait and then three come at once), Fast Forward Video have announced the sidekick HD.


Standby for a few 'whoa' moments, take a look at the movie after the break and see how the Photoshop app for the iPad is developing.

We have seen the SpaceNavigator from 3DConnection work with Motion for flying around in a 3D composition. This is a SpaceExplorer controlling Final Cut Pro. The quality of the video isn't great and it's a bit hard to work out what is going on, but we are up for anything that gives us more control and speed when editing.


So you want to convert film lengths to video frames with drop frame timecode? Well now you can instantly with this app, Panoptik Timecode that runs on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There is some serious maths under the hood.


EVS has had a bit of a love hate relationship with FCP. Why would you want to edit on Final Cut Pro when you could use IPEdit? Well here is one reason, the launch of IPEdit.3D at NAB 2011.


You might have read our story about the odd analogue audio outputs from the MXO2. Matrox have emailed us to say that a fix is in the new firmware which is available for download now.

So we are going to leave the credit cards at home this NAB otherwise we might find ourselves with one of these on the plane back. There are other LCD recorders arriving everyday, but this one can record two streams for 3D work. It's missing one thing though...