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When the Oscars hit on Feb 27th, Apple may not go on stage to receive an award but it will be well represented by award winners. In the Documentary Feature and Short categories 9 out of 10 of this year's nominees used Final Cut Studio in making their films.


What started off as a quick link to a blog, ended up with some detective work to find the new range of software control surfaces for FCP.


One would imagine that this would be the way of isolating and removing background noise or hum via interaction with a graphical display.


Here's a whole bundle of free plugins from CoreMelt.

Rent Get the dialog search tool for Final Cut Pro editors. It might just revolutionize your work flow. Especially when you consider that you can locate footage based on the spoken dialog within your content. Get includes a powerful set of features that combine a unique spoken-word search with traditional methods of content identification. More after the break.


There are many ways to use Canon DSLR footage in FCP ranging from native file editing, transcoding with Compressor to plugins. In fact there are people out there selling tutorials on how to do it! Download the official workflow white papers from Canon to get it right and maybe save some time and money.


If you need to simplify your workflow, then try Post Haste, now updated to version 1.1. Enter some basic information about your project and let Post Haste take care of copying and renaming your files. More after the break including some amusing food for thought.


In a wistful promotion aimed at that lovelorn Valentine's Day market, EditorsKeys are trying to make us fall in love with editing again. Some spec and other keyboards after the break.

Boston based camera man Tom Guilmette shares his experience of shooting 3D, and the positives and negatives of the Panasonic AG 3DA1 3D Video Camera. This is an informed perspective so well worth a listen. Find out more about editing 3D footage after the break.

UPDATE: Walter Murch's 3D verdict in (also after the break)

Digital Rebellion have come out with a super cool iPad app. Can't wait to try this one out with FCP!


Those helpful people at Amsys training have come up with an iphone App that helps test your knowledge of FCP.


There has been a lot of talk recently from people abandoning FCP to use Adobe's Premiere for the native DSLR H264 file handling. Paul Joy has done some rather revealing side by side comparisons.


Take a look at ClipTouch, a Final Cut Server client for the iPad, developed to enable the use of iPads as review tools instead of having to maintain costly review workstations. At just $14.99 it's well worth the purchase. More after the break.