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FCPX - It was the news we've been waiting a few years for but it was worth it. Awesome, jaw dropping call it what you want FCPX (10) takes editing to a new level. All the new features after the break.


It will be the last because from tonight when the 'new' FCP is demoed at the SuperMeet, FCP7 will named the 'old' Final Cut Pro. Tonight will be a watershed...

We all want this and we completely agree with Jason Rose when it comes to editing and keyboards. However demoing FCP7 with a touchscreen seems slightly odd with the new version less than 48 hours away.


Hot news indeed. This plugin gives editors direct access to Baselight functionality within Final Cut Pro.  You can render the Baselight settings within Final Cut or export them as an XML list to load into a Baselight system. Could this just last 4 days before the new FCP is announced? 


Editshare ups the ante as it introduces 'Energy', its new high-performance mid-range shared storage solution at NAB 2011. The beauty of ‘Energy’ is that it offers advanced project sharing with sequence and bin locking for Avid, Apple FCP, and Lightworks. If you want more than one FCP editor working on a project then this might be the answer.

Noise Industries powered PHYX Keyer 2.0 amps up popular keying plug-in pack with three new keying plug-ins for increased keying accuracy, speed and control in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects. All the info after the break.

Check this out if you want to get the latest buzz on the new FCP and what's going to be what in NLE in the near future. The March 2011 Editors' Lounge was the 8th year of their annual NAB discussion panel and featured an influential panel of guest speakers: Steve Cohen, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Michael Bravin and Lucas Wilson. The second part of the discussion after the break.


It started with a tweet from @editorslounge and by the end of the day had grown into the biggest piece of Final Cut Pro news since Larry Jordan dropped his jaw.


We were the first to break the news about the dialogue search software 'Get' having its price halved from $499 to $249. This led to a few rumours about Get being incorporated into the new 'Jaw dropper' Final Cut Pro 8.

Today Digieffects announced that they now support Apple's FxPlug technology across their range of plugins. This should bring speed gains in Final Cut Pro by utilising the GPU instead of the CPU.


Ever wanted to make your footage look like Blade Runner or Minority report? Now you can, all that Hollywood style is just a few clicks away. Video review after the break.

We have been itching to post the Youtube tutorial since we saw that Photo Montage, a new add on plugin pack, had been announced when FxFactory upgraded to 2.5.6.

Noise Industries have added a couple of plugins to their successful FxFactory Pro pack of plugins for FCS and After Effects. The poster image isn't that great, but the video is in 720p so hit the play button to checkout how to 'slice'. The video for 'flip' as well as information on Photo Montage is after the break.