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We might be close to the release of FCPX, but Apple is still issuing updates for Final Cut Studio and the other creative applications.


If you've been reading our site for a while, you will know we think that there will be big changes in training once FCPX has been released. There will be winners, but there will be a lot more losers. Have VASST taken a long hard look at FCPX and decided that it's just not worth producing FCP training products?


Remember the guys that bought you the $39.99 NYC for Final Cut? Well they've been busy out shooting in Washington and have produced another inexpensive royalty free stock footage pack.


Fireworks is the latest set of plugins from Digieffects to become unbundled from the Delirium set. Another manufacturer recognising that the days of expensive large packs of plugins is over. Just buy what you need when you need it.


So you're an independent filmmaker and you're looking to produce your DCP (Digital Cinema Package) so you can exhibit at Cannes or Venice. Previously you'd have had to cope with the expense and complication of going to a major facility. No longer. As more and more major film festivals endorse DCPS as their preferred delivery format,  QubeMaster Xport provides all the tools needed for generating DCP masters.


***Update - Dual Thunderbolt iMac will support two extra 30" screens. Demo video posted***

Wow, the first multiple Thunderbolt Macs are just out: the goregeous updated iMacs. Dig deep though and you will find some interesting Final Cut Pro information in the specs.


Two great interviews by Rick Young of MacVideo filmed at the recent SuperMeet in Las Vegas. Steve Martin and Ned Soltz talk about the new Final Cut Pro, FCPX.


If you've ever searched Google for an answer to a problem with Final Cut Pro, then chances are you'll have visited the Apple discussion boards. Check your bookmarks as the best FCP forum on the web has had a makeover.

Take a look at the video above. The new FCPX in action? Wrong, it's an iMovie timeline worked up by Scott Simmonds. Looks slightly familiar doesn't it?


Is it possible to give an award to a product that hasn't been released yet? Of course as Videomaker have given the NAB 2011 award to Apple's Final Cut Pro X.


Walter knows his stuff, he grades using Color on a regular basis and has produced a top selling Color instructional DVD. He managed to squeeze some demo time at NAB to take a look at Baselight and the FCP plugin.

Two reasons for posting this video. The first is the fact that PluralEyes is a pretty amazing piece of software for synching clips and audio together. The second, well take a look after the break.

Those FCPX Presentations filmed from iPhones, iPads, Canons, Nikons, and Panasonics are starting to spring up across the net, like Pink Floyd bootlegs. Some have been filmed from bags, other like Emmanuel Pampuri's managed to get both presentation party and screen in shot, and with a somewhat frenzied sting on the front! Well done Manu for posting so soon. Part 2 after the break.